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West Java - Frinsa Collective Fermented Washed

West Java - Frinsa Collective Fermented Washed

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West Java - Frinsa Collective Fermented Washed

Varietal –  Borbor, Lini S, Ateng super, Timor, Sigarar Utang, P88
Preparation – Lactobacillus Fermented Washed
Location – West Java
Altitude – 1400 masl
Importer - Nordic Approach

Limited edition - just 60kg available

Producer Overview

Wildan Mustofa and his wife Atieq Mustikaningtyas started their first coffee project in Sindangkerta, Weninggalih area in 2010. This later became the main growing area at his farm Java Frinsa Estate. Since the first year of production, Wildan has aimed to focus on quality which requires meticulous attention and processes. The majority of Indonesian producers are focusing on wet hulled coffees. Wildan is focusing on fully washed and natural processed coffees with higher cup scores. Besides the quality and social and economic impact on the community, we believe the coffee project also has long-term benefits for water conservation and reforestation.

Frinsa Estate is located in West Java, locally called Sunda. They have a wet mill as well as a well-ventilated storage space and a dry mill. All are located at 1400 masl altitude. This means they are in full control of their product from harvest to grading, sorting and shipment. Frinsa Estate has 6 main growing plots spread out in the area. And they buy cherries from a few selected outgrowers in the surroundings of the Estate. These coffees are sold under the brand name Frinsa Collective.

This microlot was produced from cherry delivered to the mill by local small hold producers and combined to create a stunning washed coffee.

 West Java Frinsa coffee

Harvesting and Processing:

To produce this washed coffee the cherry was pulped and fermented with added lactic bacteria culture added during the fermentation stage. Using this type of added culture can help to develop and enhance acidity, and floral and fruit notes found in the coffee. 

After fermentation, the coffee was washed and dried for two days on raised tables for enhanced airflow. The coffee is then moved to concrete patios for the final drying. 

Tasting Notes:

Cranberry, Lemongrass, green tea. This is a very interesting washed coffee with bright, juicy tasting notes. 

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