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Rhino Tall Hand Grinder

Rhino Tall Hand Grinder

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Rhino Tall Hand Coffee Grinder

The Rhinowares Tall hand grinder features ceramic long-life burrs and solid stainless steel construction. 

Version 4 has some improved features:

  • New handle connector. Much more sturdy and solid.
  • The improved lid and bin. Less likely to slip off during grinding.

Grinding coffee fresh before brewing always results in the best possible flavours but it's essential to use a good quality burr grinder that will give an even particle distribution. The Rhinowares tall hand grinder is designed to do just this.

We also sell the shorter Aeropress version that is designed to fit inside an Aeropress for easy portability. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great design. Sturdy and built to last

The best handgrinder

This is my 2nd Rhino Tall Hand Grinder. The first lasted 7 years of twice daily use. I've had a few other brands, each around the same price point and none of them have been as efficient or consistent (ie it grinds more quickly). The entire body being made of steel makes it much much easier to clean and resistant to drop-damage.

Quality product, easy to use

This is my first coffee bean grinder and it is very simple and easy to use. It took me a very short time to get a grind size that worked for my moka pot and, while there is no specific setting of markers to identify how coarse/fine the grind is, it is easy to check by simply looking at the location burrs. Very easy to grind and makes a satisfying sound.

Hand grinder

Great piece of equipment, delivered quickly

Very sturdy and elegant. Better than Hario

+Sturdy design
+Better than the Hario grinder
+Elegant and easy to fit in a small pocket
+Simple assembly and operation
-Only downside is low bean capacity (can only load ~28g at a time)

Overall, this coffee grinder is a reliable and convenient choice for those in need of a compact and easy-to-use grinder. The elegant design and sturdy construction make it a standout among other grinders, and it is easy to assemble and operate. The only downside is the relatively low bean capacity, which may be a concern for those who need to grind larger quantities of coffee at a time.