Rhinowares Tall Hand Grinder

Rhino Tall Hand Coffee Grinder

The Rhinowares Tall hand grinder features ceramic long life burrs and a solid stainless steel construction. 

Varision 4 has some improved features:

  • New handle connector. Much more sturdy and solid.
  • The improved lid and bin. Less likely to slip off during grinding.

Grinding coffee fresh before brewing always results in the best possible flavours but it's essential to use a good quality burr grinder that will give an even particle distribution. The Rhinowares tall hand grinder is designed to do just this.

We also sell the shorter Aeropress version that is designed to fit inside an Aeropress for easy portability. 

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Great product
Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee Farm

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Snickers bar tast

Great roast both for espresso and milk-based drinks. I was surprised with the snickers bar tasting note, but as mentioned by others it does actually taste like snickers! If you like that kind of tasting notes you should give it a try. One of the best roasts I've tried from Horsham.

Fantastic coffee

Lovely freshly ground, nice body to it, first one I've tried from Horsham but I've ordered more... It's too addictive 😬

Does indeed taste like snickers

Light roast that works very well with milk as a flat white, with clear chocolate, caramel and peanut flavours. Haven't tried it as a neat espresso.

Great value

Excellent price for fresh, tasty coffee. Month after month.

A fantastic coffee

Nova espresso seems to my kind of coffee, I am very happy with its taste and will order more.