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Nova Espresso Blend

Size: 250g
Grind: Whole Bean

Espresso blend tasting notes: Dark Chocolate, Nutty, Sweet Caramel

Brewing: This coffee works best as an espresso but can also be brewed for filter if you enjoy rich chocolate notes and lower acidity. For filter we recommend a 1 - 15 brew ratio, and for espresso a 1 - 2.1 brew ratio. 

Filter: 17g - 250ml // Espresso: 18g - 38g


Nova Espresso blend is our new take on a more traditional high-quality Italian style espresso blend. Based around a really good quality coffee from Brazil, this blend is roasted a touch darker than our Workhorse blend. We've developed the blend and roast style to suit espresso extraction and it's easy to work with and fairly forgiving. It also tastes great in milk and the dark chocolate notes really cut through, even in an 8oz latte. If you are looking for a bright, juicy espresso we'd suggest our Workhorse blend.

For espresso, we suggest a brew ratio of 1-2. For example, 18-gram dose to 36 grams of espresso. The timing is fairly forgiving with this one but something between 26 and 30 seconds is likely to yield the best results.   

Rwanda Bwishaza Washing station, 40% (relationship coffee)
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1650+masl

We first visited Rwanda in 2014 and over the last few years we've developed some very close relationships within the Rwandan coffee community. We first visited Bwishaza co-operative in 2015 and have been buying coffee from them every year since our first visit.

Bwishaza co-operative is located north of Kibuye close to lake Kivu. You can view the exact location via the link to google maps. The co-operative produce a wide range of coffees with their main focus on clean, juicy, bright washed coffees.

 Rwanda Bwishaza Coffee

Brazil Daterra Estate 60%
Varietal: Various
Process: Pulped Natural
Altitude: 950-1250 masl

Daterra is a large and well established Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farm. The estate is covers and area that has 40% of the land dedicated to coffee production and 60% left as a private nature reserve. They focus on producing a wide range of coffees and we've selected a coffee with a flavour profile that is perfect for espresso.

Ideal for: Espresso. Works very well in milk based drinks. If you like dark roast filter coffee or cafetiere with lots of body, and tend to use milk, then this will work well too.  

  • We recommending buying whole bean coffee and grinding before brewing. We also sell 250g bags pre-ground. 1kg bags are available as wholebean only.

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Why buy an espresso blend?

At Horsham Coffee Roaster our primary focus is to make sure that we roast all coffee to be suitable for multiple brew methods. This style of Omni roasting coffee tends to mean that light roast single origins will also work for espresso but only with the right equipment. This means you need a really good espresso coffee grinder (like a La Marzocco Lux D) and a great espresso machine. In addition, you also need the time and energy to develop your barista skills to get the best from single-origin espresso coffee.

Our Nova espresso blend has been created to make it much easier and more forgiving on equipment that might not be capable of producing amazing single-origin espresso. We do this buy using coffees and a blend ratio that helps to mute acidity making it more forgiving when brewing with typical home espresso equipment. We also tailor the roast to develop this coffee to highlight sweetness and chocolate notes which once again is more suitable for home espresso equipment.

Many of our wholesale customers choose to use Nova as it showcases a more traditional espresso blend flavour profile which means it's great with and without milk. 

If you are new to brewing coffee using and espresso blend then the Nova is a perfect starting point.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 165 reviews
      Ray Morris
      Nova Espresso Blend

      Tastes great. Highly recommended.

      Boris Vladimirskiy

      Nova Espresso Blend

      Oliver Parker
      Nova coffee

      Amazing nutty smelling coffee. Tastes great

      Daniyal Shah
      Very Nice!

      Just as described!

      Recommended to me, would recommend to others.

      Great espresso grind, as expected. Tasting notes match what was advertised. I did find the blend a little darker roasted than expected but this didn’t mean the coffee was overly bitter. Will purchase again!