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Costa Rica - El Mirador Natural

Costa Rica - El Mirador Natural

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Costa Rica Coffee - El Mirador Natural

We visited El Mirador in 2020 and have been buying their coffee for four years. We love working with producers directly and it has enabled us to find some incredible coffees that return to us year on year. 

Varietal –  Villa Sarchi, some Catuai
Preparation – Natural
Location – West Valley, Costa Rica
Altitude – 1500 masl
Importer - Horsham Coffee Roaster

Farm Overview

El Mirador is located in the West Valley to the north-west of the capital, San Jose. The farm altitude is around 1500 masl and is located on the southern slopes of two volcanoes. El Mirador is owned by Olman Aguilera, a second-generation coffee producer. His family have been involved in coffee production for several decades. His wife and son are involved in the farm management and as a team, they manage their own farm as well those of several relatives. 

This image shows the El Mirador farm from above:

Costa Rica coffee farmed at El Mirador

The amazing Costa Rica coffee farm covers 15 hectares and includes a mix of coffee trees surrounded by indigenous protected forest. 

Harvesting and Processing:

During the harvest Olman employes a team of pickers who are well trained and responsible for very selective harvesting and varietal separation on the farm. Costa Rica has strict labour laws and coffee pickers on speciality focused farms are always paid at least the legal minimum, often more. For this reason farms like El Mirador attract works from several neighbouring countries as they will be much better paid by travelling to pick coffee on farms in Costa Rica. 

This image shows freshly harvested cherry at El Mirador. The yellow cherry comes from a small number of Yellow Catuai trees

Fresh coffee cherry

After harvesting the coffee is taken to a local mill called La Eva. They are a specialist mill that processes coffee cherry on behalf of a wide range of local producers. Olman has chosen La Eva due to their dedication and focus on the production of high quality processed micro-lots. They keep all his coffee separate and drying is initially done in a thin layer on large plastic sheets. After the initial drying, the coffee is piled to slow down the drying and to help to create more intense fruit notes. 

Piling the coffee helps to slow down the drying to create more intense fruit flavours through fermentation

Costa Rica El Mirador natural coffee drying


Natural process costa rican coffee

After drying the coffee is cupped at the lab at La Eva and samples are prepared by our friends at Selva Coffee. Once we've confirmed our order the coffee is milled to removed the exterior fruit and sorted for density and size to ensure only the best quality gets through to the export stage.

Tasting Notes:

Juicy fruit flavours that include cherry, blueberry and red apple. This is a fantastic natural from Costa Rica and is packed with fruit flavours but still retains a really lovely acidity.

Olman Aguilera and Bradley Steenkamp

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ripe grapefruit

Absolutely fantastic coffee. Really distinctive ripe fruit notes from the natural processing. I wish I could order more, but it ran out!


Sadly I can barely tell this is a natural coffee. I was hoping for something earthy and funky, but this lacks so much. It’s not unpleasant by any means. But not what I wanted from an unwashed bean.

The best one!

I always love the natural processed coffees from Horsham, but this is by far my favourite. It has a funky fruity flavour that works brilliantly with the V60 pour-over.

Funky fresh

Super interesting coffee - great flavour and the best we’ve had in a while!

A standout

Even my partner, who will drink coffee I make but doesn't really comment on it, has repeatedly mentioned how good of a cup these beans make.

Beautiful flavour & mouthfeel, super vibrant scent from the bag & during the brew. Great brew consistancy as I've come to expect from Horsham, shoutout quality control.