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Colombia - Nestor Lasso Natural

Colombia - Nestor Lasso Natural

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 Colombia - Nestor Lasso Natural

Available as 250g whole bean only

Varietal –  Bourbon Sidra
Preparation – Natural
Location – El Tambo, Cauca
Altitude – 1750 masl
Importer - Cata Coffees

We've got another incredible small micro-lot from Colombia to share with you. This coffee has incredible flavour notes that include passion fruit and molasses and we managed to get just 50kg of this stunning coffee. This coffee comes from a group of 3 producers dedicated to creating incredible microlots using focused post harvest processing methods. 

Nestor lasso coffee processing

Farm Overview:

The farm covers about 15 hectares and is planted with several different varietals. The farm is owned by Nestor and Adrian Lasso and their friend Jhoan Vergara. Their parents were coffee producers who focused on traditional commodity-grade coffees. Over the last few years Nestor, Adrian and Jhoan have converted the operation to focus entirely on the creation of high cup score micro-lots using varietal separation and a range of post-harvest processing methods. 

Nestor Lasso coffee

Nestor Lasso on the farm

Harvesting and Processing:

This coffee was carefully hand-harvested from the Bourbon Sidra varietal trees. This is a hydria varietal combining the best of Red Bourbon and Typica. After harvest the coffee was washed and floated to remove any defects and dried on raised tables. The coffee was very carefully monitored to ensure very even drying and the correct amount of fermentation to produce a coffee with incredible fruit notes and clarity.

Tasting Notes: 

Tropical fruit, passion fruit, tamarind, molasses. This is an amazingly complex coffee with wonderful sweetness and a cup score of 88 points (As scored by Bradley, a licensed Q grader and the team at origin).


Due to the delicate nature of this coffee we recommend brewing for filter or immersion eg. hario, v60 chemex, aeropress. Example: Dose 15g, water 250g. This coffee will still make a wonderful espresso but will require a high standard of equipment and some careful experimentation. We recommend a lower pump pressure (6-7 bar) and a dose of 17 gram to 40 gram yield over about 30 seconds. 

This coffee is available as wholebean and pre ground but we recommend always grinding fresh before brewing. We sell a range of grinders if you would like to grind this coffee fresh at home. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Is it a bird or a plane ?

    Well previous reviewer pretty much nailed this … I like my coffee from aeropress but espresso style but with milk … short flat white I guess… I’ve tried quite a few coffees from Horsham as they appear , my fav to date being San Juanillo carbonic maceration bean ….This is the most different flavour I’ve ever tasted ,very complex and too hard for me to nail specific notes but mind blowingly different … a unique taste experience ,will order some more and enjoy .. Not for the faint of heart ,a truly different cup of coffee to be savoured …
    Amazing production .

    Wo! Way too much at 6.30am! But then...

    I was having a bad morning. Opened the new pack of Nestor Lasso and made my (now) preferred morning cup of espresso. That's before I read the advice on the website: 'This coffee will still make a wonderful espresso but will require a high standard of equipment and some careful experimentation'. My first taste and I thought for the first time Horsham have sent me a dud. The espresso tasted as if someone had mixed sump oil (euphemism 'molasses') with petitgrain and seagull. Wo! Way too much at 6.030am. A few days later, and not wanting to waste this valuable commodity, I added some hot water and milk in the hope of softening the flavours. Et voilá. A sumptuously smooth and exotic cuppa, very unusual but very enlivening and as effective at 10pm as at 6am. Think of it as the Gewürztraminer of Horsham coffees even with the same 'flamboyant bouquet of lychees' for which the wine is renowned. Leave experimentation to the path lab. Add milk and enjoy.