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Colombia - Monteblanco Purple Caturra

Colombia - Monteblanco Purple Caturra

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Colombia - Monteblanco Purple Caturra

Varietal –  Purple Caturra
Preparation – Natural
Location – Municipality of Acevedo
Altitude – 1750 masl

Farm Overview

Monteblanco farm is located in the Municipality of Acevedo, San Adolfo Jurisdiction in the village of La Tocora, at an altitude of 1730 m above sea level. In its surroundings, we can find the Cueva de los Guácharos National Natural Park, which is one of the 59 protected areas of the Colombian National Natural Parks system.

Colombia Monteblanco farm

Monteblanco is a family farm managed by Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia in the coffee growing tradition he started with his grandfather. The 14 hectares of Monteblanco have been cultivated with a range of varietals that include Geisha, Bourbon Rosado, Pacamara, Caturra Purpura, Caturra Rojo among others.

Colombia Monteblanco

Harvesting and Processing:

The coffee is very carefully hand harvested from purple Caturra trees. This is a sub-varietal of Caturra with coffee cherry that ripens to a deep purple colour. 
Defective cherries are sorted out using water flotation and then the ripe coffee cherries are placed in a solar dryer for five days. After initial drying they are moved to raised table drying in the shade. The moisture content of the cherries is monitored throughout the process and cherries are turned to avoid the formation of any mold or mildew or collection of moisture.

    Tasting Notes:

    This is a stunning natural processed coffee that showcases the amazing flavour profile of purple Caturra. With a cup score of 87+ you can expect a wide range of intense fruit notes that include tamarind, honey and cocoa powder.


    This coffee works well for all brew methods. 

    Filter: Dose 15g, water 250g. 

    Espresso: Dose 17 gram to 40 gram yield over about 30 seconds. 

    This coffee is available as wholebean and pre ground but we recommend always grinding fresh before brewing. We sell a range of grinders if you would like to grind this coffee fresh at home. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    A rich and I think unique style. Sometimes naturals have the most impactful aroma when you grind, and the fermented character gets lost in the cup - but this one really persists throughout the brew. It strikes the right balance between fruity and... funky, and is just really enjoyable. I dial the extraction back ever so slightly on this (i.e. a stop coarser a gram less per 250ml)


    I don’t leave reviews, but figured this deserved it. Exceptionally complex cup. Think sitting on a tropical beach! Horsham are putting out some outstanding coffees - our go-to for a long time. Thank you!


    Halfway thru 1st hopefully not last bag of this .Drinking perennial fav San Juanillo alongside it . This is a lovely very smooth coffee with fab cocoa powder tones in the mouth . Wow 🤩 along with the Bolivian Archangel last order,you’ve sounded some absolute stunners 👌👏👏

    Got beans but poor roast

    My beans roasting were highly varied from light to dark in the same batch. I bought 3 bags. Overall coffee was tasty, but would’ve enjoyed having it all at the preferred roast style.

    Thanks for the review. This is a very interesting observation and one we noticed when we first roasted this coffee. The variation in colour is actually due to the processing method and has resulted in a coffee with very variable colour and moisture content. This does happen with some natural and anaerobic fermentation coffees. Despite this the coffee still cupped very well and has very fruity, distinctive tasting notes.


    it tastes earthy, and bitter. I had to add milk to balance the test, which I rarely do to sigle origin coffee. I used the grinder (dial 12) and Aero Press.