Baratza Sette 270Wi Coffee Grinder

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Baratza Sette 270Wi Coffee Grinder

Integrated Acaia Scales

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The Baratza Sette 270wi coffee grinder are the best grinders available under £600. They compete very well with many commercial grinders well above the £600 price point. They feature 40mm conical burrs that have been designed to produce a very even particle size with low amounts of fines. The results are much better brew clarity and better extractions than you'd likely achieve from many other grinders. The Baratza Sette 270Wi coffee grinder is able to grind for any brew method including espresso, making this the grinder we'd recommend for home espresso enthusiasts. 

The Baratza Sette 270Wi coffee grinder model was released in September 2018 and features scales technology developed by Acaia. This means the coffee grinder will weigh the coffee directly into the portafilter.

The brand new Baratza Sette270Wi learns from the 270W and goes further to make your coffee grinding even more accurate.

Using scale manufacturer Acaia technology that process is a lot quicker than previous.

Key Features of the Acaia driven 270Wi

Smooth Algorithm 

The Wi processor contains a smoothing algorithm that helps the grinder focus on the important information: ground coffee falling into your portafilter. This smoothing algorithm allows the grinder to better ignore irrelevant spikes in load cell information. For example, bumping into the countertop can create vibration which the Wi ignores.

Self Adjusting

The Wi is intelligent. If, for example, the coffee grinder’s target weight is 20g but only 19.6g are produced, the Wi will self-adjust. On the next grind, it will stop the motor just a little later. This might result in a slight overdose, but not to worry; the Wi keeps learning and within a few grinds will self-adjust so that it repeatedly doses within a few tenths of a gram! This means impressive accuracy.  


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    The Perfect Grinder

    After reading lots of articles and watching many demo video reviews, I finally went ahead and purchased the Barazza Vario grinder, I am blown away with it's features and grind quality, it is also quite heavy and feels built to last for years to come, I did some price comparisons and found Horsham Coffee Roasters came out tops in value, plus I live only 15 mins drive away so I was keen to shop local.

    Delivery was super quick even over the Crimbo holiday period, it arrived very well packaged with 2 empty coffee bean hessian sacks.

    Another plus was a few pounds off for subscribing to their newsletter, and I had some bonus store credit which I chose to spend on a kilo bag of Nova espresso blend....Great result and I highly recommend this grinder and shopping with Horsham Coffee Roasters.

    One of the best hand grinders

    Great build quality, easy to use and very consistent grinds. Recommended.

    Everything I wanted

    Bought these as they seemed more reasonably priced than other ‘proper’ coffee scales and they certainly have not disappointed. I wanted one with bluetooth functionality, although haven’t needed to use it so far. I love that the timer starts when the extraction starts. Why haven’t I been using coffee scales for longer? Every extraction tastes good and is uniform, I’m no longer making the odd rubbish cup or wasting any beans. Easy to use and everything I need!

    Rwanda Coffee Beans - Bwishaza Lot 6 Washed