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Aeropress Go Coffee Maker

Aeropress Go Coffee Maker

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AeroPress Go coffee maker

Free UK delivery - Add a bag of coffee to your order

The AeroPress Go is an easy to use, ultra portable coffee making device. It is so simple to use and the results are excellent. It's a paper filter based method (although metal discs are available) which means the resulting brew is very clean and clear without the heavy mouthfeel and sediment often found with a cafetiere. This is the super compact and portable version of the Aeropress that includes a mug. 

All you need to complete this is a hand grinder and you've got an amazing, ultra compact and portable coffee making device. 

It's very simple to use and the grind size isn't particularly important. If you use a course grind you will need to infuse for longer, a finer grind will require a shorter infusion time. Experimentation is key and there are many methods to be found online. 

We keep it simple and do the following:

  • 15g of coffee to 250ml of water
  • 1 minute infusion time using water at about 90 degrees and stir just once.
  • Use a medium grind for the coffee

Now simply adjust the grind to get the correct brew strength and keep the other variable constant. 

Check out our useful Aeropress recipe brew guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Well worth the spend, great kit for commuters.

Aeropress Go Coffee Maker - Fantastic Service

Great service & quick delivery. Was very happy to source and order this product through an independent business in these difficult times.

Everyone should have one

This is my third Aeropress, one’s staying in the kitchen, one was given to my son in-law and this is the smaller travel Aeropress that I use at work.
First things first, apparently there is a dodgy batch where the filter cap won’t screw onto the main chamber because the thread on the chamber is faulty.
Aeropress themselves were brilliant and sent a replacement chamber that day, ( the chamber is fully recyclable so no need with return postage )
The 8oz Aeropress Go is smaller than the regular 10oz version but this comes housed in a travel mug and lid that the Aeropress packs neatly into, I only use my own mug instead which stays at work.
Every coffee lover should own an Aeropress but the one drawback to using one in public is you have to explain to literally everyone who sees you making a coffee what the hell you are doing!

Great service, amazing for coffee on the go

Prompt delivery, the aeropress go is really small and portable and makes a really good espresso when travelling

Aeropress Go

Great little coffee maker with a very smooth tasting result. I’ve been using a Bialetti which uses less coffee per cup. Both are good it’s just a taste preference.