Aeropress Recipe - Brew Guide

How to brew great coffee with an Aeropress

Aeropress Recipe - Coffee Brew Infographic


The Aerobie Aeropress is brilliant immersion coffee maker that makes a filter coffee that requires minimal precision, and produces a cup with more body than other pour-over methods.  All coffees and roast methods will taste great with this method, what may you ever so slightly loose in delicacy compared to a pour-over, you make up for in ease of use and consistency. 

Aeropress Video Guide

Aeropress Brew Guide 

Total Brew Time: 

15g coffee + 225ml water = 2 minutes total brew time 


  • Aeropress 
  • Filter papers 
  • Mug 
  • Scales 
  • Timer 
  • Aeropress stirrer 


  • Hot filtered water just off the boil (225ml)
  • Coffee ground for drip filter (15g coffee) 


1. Get a coffee filter paper 

Put a filter paper in the screw-on cap and rinse with hot water to remove the paper taste. Screw cap onto chamber and place face down onto your mug. 

2. Place scales under your mug

Put 15g of ground coffee into the Aeropress chamber and zero your scales. 

3. Start timer

4. Pour the water

Pour 225ml of water into the Aeropress in within 15 seconds and stir to ensure all grounds are wet.  

5. Create an air vacuum 

Gently place the plunger into the chamber to create an air vacuum, this stops too much coffee dripping through prematurely. 

6. Remove the plunger 

At 1min, remove plunger and gently stir to break the crust at the top. Replace plunger. 

7. Press down on the plunger

At 1:15, using just your body weight, press down on the plunger. Stop when you hear hissing. This should be finished by 2minutes.

If your brew was slow and tastes bitter, coarsen your grind. If your brew was fast and tastes weak and sour, fine your grind. If you want more body, up your coffee dose and adjust grind to taste. 

With this Aeropress brew guide, you will be an expert on how use an aeropress to make coffee! If you would like to have a go, take a look at our Aeropress Coffee Maker!