Finca El Paraiso

Yenni Esperanza is the older sister of four brothers and a founding partner of Finca El Paraiso. She works with her brother, Diego Samuel Bermudez, with a focus on creating incredible experimental microlots using very unusual processing techniques.



Cauca, Tambo


1800 masl


Castillo, Colombia, Caturra and Geisha

Meet The Producers

Yenny Esperanza Bermudez, founding partner of Finca El Paraíso was born in Bolívar Cauca and is the older sister of 4 brothers.

Finca El Paraiso Villa Esperanza was acquired in 2009 with the
purpose of generating a family business dedicated to producing high cup score microlots. The farm covers 27 Hectares (270,000 m2) and is located at 1,700 metres above sea level, in the Municipality of Tambo, Corregimiento de las Piedras, El Marquez.

Harvesting & Processing

Various experimental processes including anaerobic fermentation, yeast and micro-organism fermentation and thermal shock.

Our favourite coffee from the farm comes from the Castillo varietal and is processed using an interested and very complex multi stage fermentation process. This unique approach to post harvest processing helps to create some incredible fruit flavours in the coffee.