San Lorenzo coffee farm in Colombia


San Lorenzo co-operative

The San Lorenzo co-operative of coffee producers is located in Riosucio, Caldas. They produce a wide range of washed coffees combining lots supplied by several hundred local small hold farmers.



Riosucio, Caldas


1400 - 1800


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Meet The Producers

Colombia has a diverse range of coffee on offer from small farms that supply co-operatives to large estates producing over 10000kg of coffee from their own mill. The San Lorenzo co-operative has history dating back to 1963 when a group of farmers decided to collaborate on their production. 98% of the members are small hold producers harvesting and processing their coffee on their small farms.

Harvesting & Processing

Coffee is hand harvested by family members and processed as washed coffee. Typically coffee is pulped and fermented on the farm before drying in the sun or under a polytunnel. Once dried the coffee is delivered to the co-operative mill and the top scoring lots are combined to create a range of high quality lots.