Clever Dripper Brew Guide

How to brew great coffee with a Clever Dripper

Clever dripper coffee brew guide

The Clever Dripper is an immersion coffee brewer that can make either a delicate, nuanced cup or a heavier bodied cup without precision pouring, which means it's not essential to use a gooseneck kettle.

Unlike other immersion brewers that are best suited to a higher dose due to their inefficient extraction, the Clever Dripper is able to extract well at a lower dose due to the lid that keeps a stable brewing temperature and the conical design that allows for even extraction. 


  • Clever Dripper 
  • Filtropa filter papers 
  • Coffee ground a little coarser than drip filter 
  • Mug or serving vessel 
  • Hot filtered water just off the boil 
  • Scales 
  • Timer 
  • Spoon 


18g coffee > 300ml water > 3:45 - 4:15 total brew time

1. Place the filter paper into the brewer and fill with hot water, this pre-heats the brewer enabling a stable brew temperature, and gets rid of any papery taste. After 1min dump the water. 

2. Place the brewer on your scales, zero them and put 18g of coffee in. Zero the scales again. 

3. Start the timer. 

4. Pour 300ml of your hot water onto your coffee, stir gently to ensure all grounds are wet and place the lid on top of the brewer. 

5. At 2 minutes, remove the lid and give a gentle stir to ensure no grounds are stuck to the side. 

6. Immediately place the brewer onto your mug or vessel and the coffee will drain through. 

7. Your coffee should finish draining through between 3:45 and 4:15 and taste delicious. 

If your brew was slow and tastes bitter, coarsen your grind. If your brew was fast and tastes weak and sour, fine your grind.
If you want more body, up your coffee dose and adjust grind to taste.