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Ceado Coffee Grinders

Ceado Coffee Grinders

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Ceado make some of the worlds best coffee grinders. All Ceado grinders feature 64 or 83mm burrs with very quiet operation, consistent grinding and on some models, their new Quick Set grinding adjustment. 

There are three Ceado coffee grinders that we recommend:

Ceado E37SL:

Suitable for busy locations and easily capable of 300 coffees per day. These grinders feature big 83mm burrs and are fast and very quiet. 18 grams takes about 4 seconds to grind.

Ceado E37J:

Suitable for medium volume locations making up to 150 coffees per day. These grinders feature 64mm burrs and and 18 gram dose will take about 8 second to grind.

Ceado E6P:

Suitable for small low volume locations, for home espresso or as a decaf grinder. These are small and compact and feature 64mm burrs. Grinding is a fair bit slower with 18 grams taking around 12 seconds.



Ceado E5P Coffee Grinder
£570.00 GBP
Ceado E6P Coffee Grinder
£699.00 GBP
Ceado E37J Coffee Grinder
£975.00 GBP
Ceado E37SL Coffee Grinder
£1,850.00 GBP