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Anfim Coffee Grinders

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Anfim produce a range of outstanding commercial espresso coffee grinders in Milan, Italy. We have extensive experience using their grinders in our shops and also at the roastery and have specific models that we highly recommend. There is a close relationship between Anfim and Mahlkonig and you might notice that some of the Anfim grinders look very similar! This is because some models are produced in the same factory and feature many of the same internal components.

There are 3 specific models that we recommend:

Anfim SPII:

The Anfim SPII is designed for busy coffee shops and can easily cope with 250-300 coffees per day. It features 75mm burrs and a slow motor speed of 650 rpm to avoid excessive heat generation. The is combined with a dual fan system that helps to protect burr overheat.Grinding time for an 18 gram espresso is about 4-5 seconds.

Anfim Pratica:

The Anfim Pratica is designed for medium volume coffee shops serving up to 250 coffees per day. It features 65mm burrs and a stepless grinding adjustment. Grinding time for an 18 gram espresso is about 5-6 seconds

Anfim Best On Demand:

The Anfim best on demand is a small grinder designed for low volume locations or as a really great decaf grinder. It features 54mm burrs and a stepless grinding adjustment. Grinding time for an 18 gram espresso is about 12 seconds



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