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Sourcing Coffee from The Green Collection in Colombia

If you're looking for a coffee that has a perfect balance between bright juicy acidity, syrupy sweetness and body, your first port of call might be Colombia. 

With a rich history and culture of coffee production, and more eco-systems than nearly any other country on earth, Colombia arguably has some of the most diverse range of flavour profiles to be found within its borders. 
From low acidity, chocolatey coffees that resemble Brazilian coffees to piercingly bright and juicy and complex coffees that are much closer to East African coffees than anything in the Americas, Colombia really has it all. 

When John Frater popped by our roastery to explain a little more about his company The Green Collection, we were intrigued and fascinated to learn more about how they work from farm to roastery. 
John splits his time evenly between Colombia and the UK, when in Colombia he is busy maintaining solid transparent relationships with very small coffee farms, usually around 3-5 hectares in size, and ensuring the quality control standard is upheld by their fantastic team who meticulously sort these coffees.  

Now all of this is great, but if the coffees aren't anything special then it can be hard to invest in great operations like this, however it just so happens that these coffees represent everything previously mentioned that makes Colombian coffee so diverse and complex. 
Every one of the 3 coffees we've had from The Green Collection has been bright, nuanced and juicy all in very different ways. 

Having the chance to support very small farms that are producing excellent coffees, all in a fully transparent way that maintains direct relationships between farmer, importer and roaster is something we passionately believe in, and is something we endeavour to do.
These coffees and their character speak volumes about the standard of transparency, production and quality control that we and The Green Collection believe in. 

Our current offering is Finca Los Olivos . . .

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Smells and Tastes Incredible!

I’ve recently purchased a coffee machine and the advice was to get local coffee — it is usually the freshest. I decided to order the organic blend, and just the bouquet of the beans was enough to wake you up. It smelt incredible; the taste and the freshness exceeded my expectations — and my coffee machine loves them. I make a perfect espresso each morning. I will definitely be purchasing them again as and when needed.

Super fluffy

Fantastic quality grinder, built like a tank, super fluffy output, no static issues.

only flaw re usability is no auto off and touch buttons are not the most responsive so manual grinding is not most accurate

Subtle, very nice coffee

Had this in a coffee shop in Brighton then bought a kilo. It's an absolute belter you won't be disappointed.

Organic Blend
Gavin Davies
Tasty coffee

A tasty, chocolatey organic blend. Beans have lovely aroma.

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