Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder

New Wilfa Uniform Flat Burr Grinder

Wilfa grinder range update

We are excited to announce the UK release of the Wilfa Uniform flat burr grinder. While these have been available for some time across Europe we've finally managed to get our hands on them in the UK! Most grinders in the sub £400 range use conical burrs. While these types of burrs are great, long lasting and affordable most of us would argue that flat burrs in electronic grinders produce the most even particle size. Almost all of the worlds best filter grinders use big, slow moving flat burrs (to reduce heat buildup). The Wilfa Uniform features a stainless steel body, elegant design and is able to grinder fine enough for espresso making it a truly universal grinder. The grinder is available as a stand alone grinder and also with built in scales.

Wilfa have updated their range of grinders and we've put together a quick summary of the main differences:

Wilfa Silver coffee grinder

Wilfa Silver Grinder

The Wilfa Silver grinder is the most affordable in the range. Features include:

  • Conical Burrs
  • Timer
  • Brew method markings
  • Perfect for filter, aeropress and cafetiere (not espresso)



Wilfa Svart Coffee GrinderWilfa Svart Grinder

The Wilfa Svart grinder is the upgrade version of the Silver grinder. Features include:

  • Conical Burrs
  • Low speed motor to reduce heat
  • Timer
  • Brew method markings
  • Perfect for filter, aeropress and cafetiere (not espresso)

Wilfa Uniform Coffee GrinderWilfa Uniform Grinder

The Wilfa Uniform grinder is the top of the range flat burr grinder.

  • Flat burrs for very even particle size
  • Low speed motor to reduce heat
  • Suitable for all brew methods including espresso
  • Available as the Uniform + with built in scales








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