Horsham Coffee Roaster coffee bags

Temporary packaging and letterbox friendly bags

The last few weeks have been very busy for us at Horsham Coffee Roaster and we've seen a big shift towards more customers purchasing 250g bags of coffee and far less wholesale due to the closure of coffee shops and restaurants.

Temporary packaging

We have used our 250g branded recyclable bags much faster than usual and our new delivery hasn't yet arrived. To keep us going we will be using temporary white bags but please be reasurred that it still contains the same great coffee!

These bags are still recyclable if returned to us so please collect the bags and post them back when you've got a few to return and we will make sure these are correctly recycled by Terracycle. 

Letterbox friendly packaging

We are currently trialling a larger flat bag that can fit through the letterbox (also recyclable if sent back to us). This will only be used for customers who place single bag orders. One of the challenges is trying to figure out which orders to pack into these letterbox friendly bags but we think we've figured something out! This should mean that any order that contains just a single bag of coffee will arrive in a brown paper bag that can easily fit through the letterbox. The bag is recyclable.

Thank you for bearing with us and our usual packaging will hopefully be back in stock very soon. We hope the letterbox trial works well for customers and intend to make this a long term change. 

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