Incoming new coffees! - El Salvador and Ethiopia.

Incoming new coffees! - El Salvador and Ethiopia.

Fresh coffee crop arrivals

Unique and exclusive microlot coffees from El Salvador

Keep your eyes on the webstore over the next couple of weeks as we’re in the final stages of testing and assessing some stunning new coffees to be rolled out over July.

We’re very excited to announce our new lots from the Los Nogales project in El Salvador. Located in the Apanaca Llamatepec region of El Salvador, Los Nogales is a very special farm. Launched by the farm’s owners, the Salaverria family, Project Nogales is a unique opportunity through which buyers are invited to chose their coffee by plot of land, process and variety. We have chosen two lots processed two different ways from the El Roble plot, which is planted with Red Bourbon. One lot has been processed using the Natural method and the other is fully washed and then soaked, a method that has become widely known as the Kenyan process. After pulping, fermentation and washing the coffee is then soaked in fresh water which allows proteins and amino acids to develop which is thought to result in higher levels of acidity and complexity in the cup profile.

We’re also very happy to see the return of a summer favourite - a natural Ethiopia from the Yirgacheffe district. Those who were lucky enough to try last year’s lot know what to expect, and for fans of naturally processed coffee, the naturals produced from this area of Ethiopia are widely regarded as some of the best in the world. This year’s comes from the Aramo washing station where the cherries are dried on raised beds for 15 days before being milled in the city of Irgachefe. In the cup expect the usual high levels of funk, fruit and floral sweetness

For those of you that are all about the sweet and summery African coffees we still have our Kenya Peaberry available which is proving to be a favourite. This coffee is intensely juicy and bright and incredibly versatile. It’s a real zinger as a black coffee and yet due to the high levels of acidity really transforms and cuts through milk. It also works fantastically as cold coffee for those of you churning out the cold brew and iced pour overs during the hot weather.

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