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Costa Rica El Mirador Coffee Farm

In February this year we visited Costa Rica to finally meet up with some of the producers we've worked with for several years. 

El Mirador is owned by Olman Aguilera (above left) and covers 15 hectares. They grow several different varietals and focus on sustainable chemical free farm practices. Coffee cherry is hand harvested and taken by truck to the La Eva mill. El Mirador don't process their own coffee but rather focus on good farming and harvesting and outsource the post processing to the experts at the La Eva mill.

After the coffee is received it is sorted in flotation tanks. This process helps to remove unripe cherry and any contaminates. After flotation the coffee is moved to clean concrete patios and dried in a thin layer for for several days. This fast initial drying helps to avoid mold buildup. After the initial few days of drying the coffee is piled up up in thicker layers to slow down the remaining drying process in order to develop more fermented and enhanced fruit character.

This is a super juicy coffee with bright acidity combined with boozy notes that remind us of a fine red port. There are also tropical notes and a lovely sweetness. This was a real standout coffee from the 2019 harvest and we are very excited to have already selected one of the El Mirador lots from the 2020 harvest that we expect to arrive in May this year.