Costa Rica San Juanillo farm

Coffee of the month - Costa Rica San Juanillo Natural

Coffee of the month - Costa Rica San Juanillo Natural

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Varietal –  Marsallesa
Preparation – Natural
Location – Near to Naranjo, West Valley
Altitude – 1600+ masl
Importer - Horsham Coffee Roaster

Costa Rica is one of our favourite coffee producing countries, and we love being able to trade directly with producers via the help of Selva Coffee. Selva is a small export business based in Tarrazu with their own cupping lab and direct connections to some of the best coffee producers in the country. Costa Rica is a beautiful country know for its focus on environment and sustainability, and this is very evident in the coffee industry. Coffee from Costa Rica can showcase many different processing styles and flavour profiles from wild, juicy natural process coffees to soft, delicate honey processed coffees. Some small producers and co-operatives also produce washed coffees, and experimental processes like anaerobic fermentation have also become very popular. 

We first bought coffee from San Juanillo farm in 2019 and managed to fit in a visit in February 2020 just before Covid-19 put a halt to all international air travel. This year we bought three different coffees from the farm, a honey, natural and carbonic maceration.

Producer Overview:

Tomas Gutierrez and Allan Vargas bought the farm in 2007 intending to regenerate the landscape, soil and to plant new and exciting varietals. The farm was originally planted with Caturra and Catuai trees. Tomas and Allan were keen to try out new varietals that showed better resistance to disease and those that show interesting cup character. They now grow a range of varietals including Marsellesa, H1 Centroamericano, Caturra, Catuaí and a small amount of Geisha. In 2018 they purchased their neighbours' farm increasing their total farm size to 12 hectares, and they are Rainforest Alliance certified. In 2015 they placed 19th in the Cup of Excellence competition with a coffee from their H1 hybrid varietal.

Harvesting and Processing:

This natural processed coffee was hand-harvested from the Marsallesa varietal trees on the farm. Tomas and Allan employ a team of highly skilled pickers who are paid a premium for selecting only the ripest cherry. Many of these pickers travel to work in Costa Rica from Panama and Nicaragua. They are highly valued for their hard work and dedication during the harvest. 

Costa Rica coffee cherry

After harvesting the coffee is transported to the Patalillo micro mill. The coffee cherry is floated in a fermentation tank to remove any defective cherry. The cherry is then fermented for 12-16 hours after the flotation process. This kick starts the natural fermentation process, and tests indicate that this can contribute to better flavours in the cup. 

After resting the coffee is pulped to remove the outer layer of fruit and the coffee is taken directly to concrete patios to be dried. The coffee is turned regularly to ensure even drying. Using a controlled drying process they are able to create a natural processed coffee that dries slowly helping to increase fruit flavours.

Tasting Notes: A fantastic well balanced natural processed coffee with juicy fruit flavours that include cherry, raising and caramel sweetness.

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