Coffee of the month - Costa Rica Black Honey

Coffee of the month - Costa Rica Black Honey

Varietal –  Various red fruit 
Preparation – Black honey
Location – Santa Maria de Dota
Altitude – 1100+ masl
Importer - Horsham Coffee Roaster

This fantastic coffee comes from a micro mill located in Santa Maria de Dota owned by the Solis family. We visited the mill in December 2022 and have some wonderful photos to share below:

Solis and Cordero micro mill in Costa Rica
Visting the Solis and Cordero Mill


Costa Rica Coffee beans
Ivan Solis standing next to natural processed drying tables

Ivan Solis is a success story built on the foundation of the coffee producing culture of the growing region, Tarrazu. Today, he is somewhat of a coffee magnate in the prestigious micro region of Santa Maria de Dota - he seems to know about all the farms and people comprising his beloved, small town. However, Ivan had to struggle and earn his way into the position he is in now from extremely humble beginnings. His hard work ethic, passion, experience, and vision have brought him to create the Santa Fe wet mill with his wife and 3 children.

Rather than focusing on growing and harvesting coffee Ivan and his family are post processing specialists. They purchase coffee cherry from local producers at high prices than the local co-operative will typically pay. They then focus on producing interesting micro lots using honey and natural processing.

Costa Rica coffee cherry


Their style is biased towards fruity, characterful coffees and they like to use post harvest fermentation techniques to help to induce fruity, juicy flavours.

These Costs Rica coffee beans were processed as a black honey. After delivery the coffee was fermented over night and pulped to remove only a small amount of mucilage. The coffee was then dried on the concrete patios and with a focus on slow drying to help to introduce more fruit character than is typically found in lighter honey processed coffees.

Black honey processed coffee in Costa Rica

Black honey processed Costa Rica coffee

Tasting notes for these wonderful Costa Rica coffee beans including black cherry, prune and treacle.

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