Coffee of the Month - Uganda Washed

Coffee of the Month - Uganda Washed

We've got a special early release of a super tasty Ugandan washed coffee for the current coffee of the month 4 week cycle running up to the 11th of May. 

The coffee comes from the Bugoye washing station located in western Uganda close to the border with the Congo and Virunga national park. You can view the exact location on google maps. This area of Uganda is best know for producing natural processed coffees and have only very recently started producing washed coffees as part of a project run by Omwani Coffee.

When selecting this great coffee James at Omwani told us the following:  'At the end of 2017, we were asked to start pulping some coffee and see if any of the groups we worked with were interested in this 'new processing method. We handed out 30 hand pulpers into the community, had some training from well-established Farmers in the East (Mt Elgon typically known for it's washed coffees) who travelled over to stay with us and spent a week learning/practising with hand pulpers and visiting groups to train. 2018 we invested in a 2.5mt Pulper at the washing station and spent the majority of the main crop experimenting with fermentation times, drying techniques, learning how much mucilage to take off! all these wonderful things to figure out which is why it's taken us until the last season to really get it right.'

The results are fantastic and this is a really delicious clean and bright washed coffee. It's fairly similar in profile to many of our Rwandan washed coffees but they grown a different varietal in this area of Uganda, mainlySL14 and SL28. In Rwanda it's mainly verious of Red Bourbon. 

We love the clean juicy notes of red apple, raspberry, sweet caramel and chocolate. If we have enough left at the end of the 4 week period this coffee will be available to purchase on the website.

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