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Sussex coffee roaster opens a shop in Brighton

This week is a very exciting one for us as we embark on a new venture! We are opening our first shop at 15 Bond St, Brighton. 

The shop will act as a front end to our roastery giving customers in Sussex the opportunity to buy and drink a wide variety of a speciality coffee sourced and roasted by us. We've been asked several times if we think there is a need for another coffee shop in Brighton as many perceive it to be a heavily saturated market. When our roastery was just starting we supplied Coffee @ 33 with their custom blend and there are many really good coffee roastery shops in Brighton. We felt that the Brighton coffee scene is lacking a single location shop with a focus on the ever changing world of speciality coffee. So, we've decided to bring something a little different to the scene! A single origin only shop with a changing coffee menu, no blends found here! 

There are a few shops in the country (Collona and Smalls in Bath for example) that have taken this kind of approach to coffee. While blends are great for maintaining fairly constant taste profiles (which is what most wholesale customers feel safest with) they don't challenge the customer to think about and understand the unique taste profile of each particular coffee. 

This kind of approach to coffee only works with the right equipment and highly skilled baristas. Our baristas all have several years experience within the specially coffee field and have all worked for coffee roasteries. We've invested in a customised Synesso Hydra, flat burr on demand grinders and an EK 43 for aeropress/filter and general experimentation. We haven't forgotten about water either and have installed a Sierra reverse osmosis system that allows us to 'dial in' the tds that we believe will result in the best extraction and optimum flavour. 

So, what kind of coffees can you expect? Our aim is contrasting flavours. We want you to be able to try different things over time and be able to easily perceive the difference. To achieve this we will always aim to have an espresso that has balanced fruit and chocolate notes. Something that works well with milk for those who enjoy lattes and cappuccinos. For flat whites and smaller mik based drinks (or milk free drinks) we will also offer something a bit more unusual on espresso. You can expect some very fruity coffees to feature here! Our aeropress and filter offerings will change regularly and will be brewed using receipes individual to each coffee (calibrated using a VST refractometer). And, if you'd like to take some home we've got retail bags available. 

We are now open at 15 Bond St, Brighton, BN11RD.

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