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Workhorse Blend Coffee Capsules

Workhorse Blend Coffee Capsules

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Our coffee capsules are compatible with all original Nespresso home coffee machines. 1 pack contains 10 capsules. Order 4 or more packs (40 capsules) and get free UK tracked delivery.

About Horsham Coffee Roaster coffee capsules

Our Nespresso compatible coffee pods contain directly sourced, ethically traded, speciality grade coffees that have been roasted to optimize extraction when brewed using a suitable coffee machine. Buying coffee pods and capsules that contain speciality grade coffee means less bitterness, more sweetness and overall tastier coffee! You can buy our coffee pods as a single purchase or pay for a subscription, so you can continue to get your favourite coffee pods delivered to your door here in the UK.


Our coffee pods are compatible with all original Nespresso compatible home machines (excluding commercial models and the Vertuo type.) Water temperature and machine quality makes a big difference to the final product. For best results, make sure to fully warm the machine and flush water through before brewing.

Our Nespresso compatible capsules are great brewed at a variety of ratios. For a short, intense coffee we recommend brewing 30-40ml. For a longer coffee, we suggest 60-70ml.

About Horsham Coffee Roaster Workhorse Blend

Tasting notes: Nutty, chocolate body with sweet caramel, orange and citrus notes

Built around the concept of consistency and reliability, our Workhorse Coffee Capsules are suitable for your everyday cup of coffee. The coffee blend features our relationship coffees produced by farmers in Rwanda and Brazil. This gives us consistency over the course of the year, enabling us to provide a reliable and dependable taste profile.  The Workhorse Coffee Blend is lightly roasted, allowing for a bright, juicy and well-balanced cup. 

Subscription Terms and Conditions:

  • The subscription charge will be collected at the period of time specified when ordering (ie every 1,2,3 or 4 weeks)
  • Your subscription can be cancelled after the first 3 orders.

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Workhorse Blend Coffee Capsules


Lovely taste and flavour


Best tasting coffee capsules on the market!