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Wilfa Uniform Silver Coffee Grinder

Wilfa Uniform Silver Coffee Grinder

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Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder

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The Wilfa Uniform coffee grinder is a 58mm flat burr grinder designed for home use. Most coffee grinders at this price point use conical burrs. While these are great and more affordable to produce they tend to produce a less even particle distribution.

In addition to outstanding grind quality the Wilfa Uniform grinder is made of stainless steel and the build quality is a big step up from the more affordable Wilfa Svart grinder.

Although this grinder is designed mainly with filter coffee in mind the burrs are able to grind fine enough for espresso making this an excellent all round grinder. If you mainly grind for espresso we would still recommend a dedicated home espresso grinder like the Baratza Sette 270.

Key features include:

- 58mm stainless steel flat burrs

- Even grind particle size for better extractions and improved flavour

- 40 adjustment steps with small increments

- Anti static stainless steel grounds container 

- Low grind retention of less than 1 gram

- Slow grind to reduce heat buildup

- Easy to clean. Small brush included

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    A good grinder after resetting burrs

    The Wilfa Uniform grinder out of the box ground coffee way too coarsely. On the 1 setting it was still too course for filter coffee. After a couple under extracted brews, I attempted to contact Wilfa via their web site. No response. I looked up their email address in the printed manual and sent a message. I contacted Horsham by phone. Jack answered and said he’d had a similar problem with a less expensive Wilfa grinder and said he’d call back in a few minutes. 10 minutes later he called back and said he was sending me a web link to a coffee forum that discussed how to reset the zero point of the grind by rotating the burrs which involved a screw driver and wasting about 100g of coffee and 20 minutes. But that did the trick and the grind coarseness is about right and much more uniform than anything I’ve previously produced from other grinders over the years. A few days later Wilfa sent me a boilerplate response telling me to contact the retailer and to make a video detailing the problem. Not very impressive. I think they’ve outsourced their customer service to a bunch of bots. Thank goodness Horsham has not. Wilfa needs to improve quality control a lot - pretty pathetic that they'd let a machine leave their factory so poorly calibrated..

    Worth the wait

    Completely changed the game for me as an amateur user, easy to navigate, great results and it's just everything I had hoped for and more. Glad I waited for it!


    Very good grinder - quiet and gives a uniform result. A Christmas present to myself.
    Love it!

    It's awesome

    Results are very consistent and delicious. It's an indulgent purchase but I love it!


    Wilfa Uniform Silver Coffee Grinder