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Sumatra - Alko Co-Operative Carbonic Maceration Natural

Sumatra - Alko Co-Operative Carbonic Maceration Natural

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Sumatra - Alko Co-Operative Carbonic Maceration Natural

Varietal –  Andung Sari, Sigarar Utang
Preparation – Carbonic maceration natural
Location – Kayu Aro, Kerinci, Sumatra
Altitude – 1300 masl
Importer - Nordic Approach

Producer Overview

The Alko co-operative has about 416 members covering a growing area of about 320 hectares. They grow coffee from 1300 - 1650 masl, its mixed varieties, but mainly Sigararutang and Andung Sari. This carbonic maceration natural processed coffee is an experimental micro lot processed from coffee grown by Fatar and Horti Tani. Their coffee was selected for this special process due to the high quality and very even ripeness of the harvest. 

Sumatra Alko coffee producers

Finding coffee like this from Sumatra is quite a challenge! Coffee from Indonesia often doesn't showcase the bright, intense, fruity profile that we enjoy from many other origins. This is often simply because producers aren't focusing on the correct techniques required for these coffees. This micro lot is truly stunning and showcases some incredible flavours.

Harvesting and Processing:

The coffee was processed using the following method:

  1. Manual hand sorting and water flotation to remove defects
  2. Fermenting in sealed containers for 96 hours.
  3. Coffee dried in a thin layer for 5 days undercover.
  4. The coffee layer was built up to slow down the drying taking about 25 days.

 Sumatra Alko coffee

Tasting Notes:

Tropical fruits including pineapple, prune and dark chocolate. This is a stunning carbonic maceration natural showcasing intense fruit flavours. 

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Very juicy, very nice 👌🏼