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Opal One Capsule Machine

Opal One Capsule Machine

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Opal One capsule machine

The OPAL One is the first coffee pod machine specifically designed to brew speciality coffee pods making it the perfect capsule machine for brewing our single-origin pods.

The Opal One utilises a unique silicon brew chamber, eliminating unwanted dilution and features both higher pressure and higher temperature brewing that helps to deliver cups of coffee with more body and consistent extractions. 

Almost all capsule and pod machines on the market are specifically designed to work with Nespresso capsules and have not been tested with speciality coffee pods. The Opal One is the first coffee capsule machine designed with speciality coffee capsules in mind and has been extensively tested with a diverse range of pods. During the research and development phase, the designers found that the water temperature was often much too low and pressure instability. To achieve high extractions and repeatable results the designers chose a silicon brew chamber and ways to ensure that the pressure remains stable with higher water temperatures. 

This silicone brew chamber creates a proper seal around the capsule that helps to ensure all the water is pushed through the coffee. Most other capsule machines use a plastic chamber and water will often leak around the side resulting in an uneven and often watery cup of coffee.

The Opal One coffee pod machine brews better coffee than any other coffee capsule machine on the market and showcases the full potential of the coffees we carefully select for our capsules. It’s quite simply, the perfect way to experience speciality coffee pods!

The Opal One can be calibrated by the user to dispense the correct amount of coffee and the three buttons are preset to dispense 25ml, 40ml and 110ml of coffee. If you'd like to change these you can use a set of scales to calibrate the buttons to dispense the correct weight of coffee. The user can also change the temperature to their specific requirements.

The Opal One features include:

  • Stylish and robust design
  • 100% Nespresso capsule compatible
  • 800ml water tank
  • 3 brew settings
  • User adjustable temperature
  • Dimensions 42cm x 15cm x 29cm
  • 220v-240v only

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

In these days of coffee machine pseudo hipster-hype Opal One is a genuine affirmation of coffee love. Like comfort food, it's a welcome home feel goodness. Thank you to Horsham coffee for avoiding the temptation to push the price up I've tried illy, Nespresso, sage, Francis Francis, Siemens, and Opal is my fave. Horsham coffee roaster do great pods too!

Best in class

3 months of heavy use later, we’re still delighted with this machine. I can hear the purists screaming but the fact is that this machine delivers an excellent espresso at the perfect temperature. It’s well made, good looking, relatively robust and easy to program and use. We prefer the Rwandan pods prepared by Horsham which are clearly a game changer compared to some alternative roasters offerings.

Opal One capsule machine.

My husband loves it but he says that is partly due to your coffee being so good!

Problem Solved

Machine initially delivered in incorrect colour (neither I nor Horsham knew it was available in anything other than black). Good service, fast answers, problem quickly resolved, thanks!

New machine

Only had the Opal for just over a week but so far so good. The coffee is hotter than my last machine produced which is a good thing. Having to turn it on and off is something I’m not sure about. I hope it continues as it is at the moment making good hot coffee.