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Baratza Virtuoso + coffee grinder

Baratza Virtuoso + coffee grinder

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Baratza Virtuoso + coffee grinder

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The Baratza Virtuoso + is a big step-up up from the Baratza Encore coffee grinder and replaces the original Baratza Virtuoso grinder. 

The Baratza Encore is a really great entry-level grinder but the Virtuoso plus builds on an already excellent set of features is built with more robust components.

These are some of the key advantages of the Baratza Virtuoso +:

  • 40mm conical burs
  • Grind size from 200-1200 microns, slightly finer than the Encore
  • Suitable for all brew methods including cafetiere, filter, aeropress and espresso
  • Digital timer on the front display
  • Slow 550rpm motor to keep coffee cool and to avoid excess heat
  • Faster than the Encore but still maintaining a low speed

The grind adjustment on the Virtuoso + features 40 numbered steps making it very easy to return to a previous grind setting. If, for example, you've found your perfect grind setting for cafetiere you can then return to this setting very easily after brewing for a different coffee-making method.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Decent grinder

    Does the job perfectly for aeropress coffee.

    Solid purchase!

    Highly recommended grinder, powerful consistent quick, easy to dial in with the grind setting and timer, loving the static free grind container compared to my previous. First time purchase from Horsham (nice website and best price I found), and whole process was seamless, quick DPD delivery, well packaged. Very impressed.

    A great addition

    It works well, quickly and effectively.
    Slightly noisy, but that is the nature of the beast, and it is only for a few seconds.
    The grind is consistent, which makes the taste consistent too.
    All in all very happy, especially with the customer service and care from Horsham Coffee roaster.
    Many thanks.

    Changed my coffee routine for the better

    Previously, I used an old, 2nd hand burr grinder that I bought for cheap on eBay. After half a year of changing brewing methods (type of brew, pouring time, temperature etc.) I realized the inconsistency of my daily cup came from the grinder and decided to upgrade. I was set on buying the Baratza Virtuoso+ and looked to find the best price. Not only was Horsham the most cost-effective choice, but they were running a promotion for International Women's Day and donated a percentage of the purchase to help Women and Children in need.

    This purchase ended up being the best choice I made for exploring the world of coffee. The delivery was quick, product packaged well and easy to set up. Now, I get consistently good cups of coffee, with my other purchase being the "Colombia - Sebastian Gomez Carbonic Maceration" coffee from Horsham. For the first time, I could distinctly taste cupping notes from my coffee instead of trial and error with my previous grinder. The standard of the coffee and machinery produced from Horsham is second to none and I look forward to making their high-quality coffee a part of my regular coffee routine.

    The Baratza virtuoso grinder

    I recently ordered a Baratza virtuoso coffee grinder from Horsham after a long history of buying inefficient grinders.I finally did my homework and decided on the virtuoso AND Horsham. I was kept informed about my order and received it in a few short days...excellent service... and the grinder? It has transformed my coffee making. What a great machine.
    Outstanding product and outstanding service.