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Baratza Virtuoso + coffee grinder

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Baratza Virtuoso + coffee grinder

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The Baratza Virtuoso + is a big setup up from the Baratza Encore coffee grinder and replaces the original Baratza Virtuoso grinder. 

The Baratza Encore is a really great entry-level grinder but the Virtuoso plus builds on an already excellent set of features is built with more robust components.

These are some of the key advantages of the Baratza Virtuoso +:

  • 40mm conical burs
  • Grind size from 200-1200 microns, slightly finer than the Encore
  • Suitable for all brew methods including cafetiere, filter, aeropress and espresso
  • Digital timer on the front display
  • Slow 550rpm motor to keep coffee cool and to avoid excess heat
  • Faster than the Encore but still maintaining a low speed

The grind adjustment on the Virtuoso + features 40 numbered steps making it very easy to return to a previous grind setting. If, for example, you've found your perfect grind setting for cafetiere you can then return to this setting very easily after brewing for a different coffee-making method.



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    Great purchase

    Good delivery

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    Best coffee by far

    The hints are so clear to the tongue! Love it

    Colombia - Finca Mikava Geisha

    Right for us

    We have been sampling a different coffee each month from different roasteries. This coffee is the best for us so far. We like a strong dark coffee but not bitter so we can taste more subtle flavours underneath. Guests comment positively about this coffee. Twice the price of supermarket beans but a luxury worth indulging in.

    Great coffee and top filters

    Ordered Rwandan coffee beans and V60 papers. Came rapidly, does the job and I am now making a damn fine cup of coffee each morning

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