Baratza Vario coffee grinder

Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder

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This professional-grade grinder fits anywhere, from your kitchen to your office to your café. While sporting a small footprint, the Vario features an impressive range of capabilities, boasting 230 distinct and repeatable grind settings from fine grind for espresso to medium and course grinder settings ideal for filter coffee, Chemex and Cafetiere. 

The design is beautiful as well as functional. Vario’s intuitive macro/micro adjustments make it easy to get the grind for a perfect espresso finish. Need something a little different? With a simple slide of the lever, you can switch from espresso to other coffee styles. And it couldn’t be easier to get the perfect amount — digital timers and three user-programmable buttons make accurate one-touch dosing and repeatable grind times a snap.

The Vario features unique 54mm ceramic flat burrs provide accurate, fast-grinding performance and remain sharp for twice as long as the best steel burrs. The high-torque DC motor and belt drive transmission means your beans are in for a smooth, cool ride. As always, it’s not just what’s inside that matters; the smooth operation of the Vario carries over from internal to external, with front-mounted, easy-access control units, an 8 oz. grounds coffee collection bin, and Baratza’s exclusive PortaHolder for hands-free grinding into an espresso machine portafilter. Smooth and flavorful. That’s your coffee. That’s your grinder. Let the Vario bring out the best in your cup and your coffee, from home to work to the world.

CleaningBurrs are easily removable with no tools, making cleaning very easy.

Bradley and Amelia have had one of these in their kitchen for 8 years and just about every single coffee we've every roasted and sold has been tested out through this grinder! 

Also sometimes sold as the Mahlkonig Vario but the grinders are exactly the same.

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