Carbon Neutral Certified Coffee

Horsham Coffee Roaster is certified carbon neutral by Positive Planet

Carbon neutral certification

Carbon emissions are an unfortuante by product of almost all businesses. We have made a big impact on reducing this at the roastery by roasting all our coffee on a Loring S35 that utilizes advanced air recirculation to reduce gas usage and emissions by up to 70% when compared with other roasting methods. Our goal is always to reduce emissions as much as possible. What cannot be reduced is then offset through approved projects.

We contribute to projects that include:

  • Tree planting
  • Cookstoves project

Total emissions for 2021: 142 tonnes of Co2 

Total offset emissions for 2021: 223 tonnes of Co2

What does this include:

  • Power and gas for all business operations
  • All packaging manufacture and transport
  • All green bean packaging and transport
  • Communiting for all employess 
  • Emissions created for assets purchased
  • The additional offset emissions put us into carbon credit as recommended by Postive Planet.

Customer delivery emissions:

Delivery to our customers in the UK and around the world is another obvious cause of Co2 emissions. 

We currently offset delivery emissions using two methods:


This is an app created by our web platform provider, Shopify. It logs the delivery mileage for every single order placed on our website. This information is then used to calculate average Co2 emissions and we are able to then make a financial contribution towards their supported project. At the moment this is funding the Acapa - Bajo Mira y Frontera project.


If your order is delivered to you in the UK by DPD then the delivery Co2 emissions will have been offset via both our program and DPD.