Loveramics Cups and Saucers

Loveramics is committed to developing innovative and stunning tableware that reflects their love for ceramics. Made from the finest quality materials, Loveramics porcelain is extremely durable and strong. Every piece is hand-dipped and covered with a real glass glaze. Loveramics pride themselves on being a sustainable brand; they have their own on-site water recycling plant and reuse the surplus heat energy from their kilns to help in other manufacturing processes. Horsham Coffee Roaster are a trade reseller of Loveramics products offering excellent discounts to coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. 

The 'egg' range of cups are the most popular style for speciality coffee shops. They are available in 5 different sizes suitable for espresso, flat white, cappucino, latte and long black/americano. A wide range of colours is available.

Loveramics Egg range of cups

The range of cups available for coffee shops is extensive. The image below shows the 'Bond' range of cups, these are straight sided cups available in three sizes.

Loveramics cups and saucers

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