Santa Clara

The Santa Clara farm is dedicated to producing high quality coffees from a range of different varietals. They grow Bourbon, Acaia, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai with a focus on hand harvesting and the production of natural and pulped natural processed coffees.



Conceição do Rio Verde


930 - 1050 masl


Bourbon, Acaia, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai

Meet The Producers

Now in the third generation of people dedicated to agriculture, Moacyr Dias Pereira and Alayde Graciano Pereira work the farm together with their four children, Fernando, Carlos Henrique, Eduardo and Luciana. All are married and living off their work with the farm. The family is extremely concerned with environmental preservation and native forest areas, as well as preserving water sources.

Harvesting & Processing

Coffee is hand picked selecting the ripest cherry.

On the same day, the coffee is transported to the processing centre and their processed as a natural or pulped natural. The natural processed coffee is laid out to dry on concrete patios. The pulped natural will have the outer layer of fruit removed using a pulping machine and the coffee will then be dried on concrete patios.

After that, the coffee is placed in wooden granaries to rest for a period of 30 days.