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Fellow Ode Grinder

Fellow Ode Grinder

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Fellow Ode Grinder

Generation 2

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The Fellow products have proven to be highly desirable items of coffee brew equipment. We are very pleased to be able to partner with them to promote the Fellow Ode Grinder.

The majority of the coffee grinders under £200 feature conical burrs and this design works very well to keep costs down. Grinders over £200 that are made with flat burrs tend to have these setup in a horizontal arrangement. The Ode grinder is a little different and the burrs are vertical wth the same setup found in the Mahlkonig EK43. 

This burr setup produces coffee with excellent particle distribution perfect for filter coffee brewing.

Key features of the Fellow Ode grinder:

  • Vertical Generation 2, 64mm burrs
  • Low speed motor to avoid heating coffee
  • Low profile to find under kitchen cabinets
  • 31 marked adjustment settings
  • Precision burr setup for even grind distribution

We've had the opportunity to test out the Fellow Ode Grinder at the roastery with a variety of coffees and we are very impressed with the build quality and quality of the grind. This is a fantastic grinder for filter coffee brewing and a great partner to the Fellow pouring kettles.

Customer Reviews

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I will be returning

What a present experience . I will be purchasing from Horsham in the future , they are so friendly and their service is fantastic . Thank you for everything !

Great Service!

This is the second grinder I'm buying from Horsham they have been nothing but spectacular.

The grinder itself needs to, unfortunately, grind a bit finder for single use v60.

It's for you if you've watched a review on youtube and are okay with the downsides.

Great for drip filter or cafetière coffee - used with my Moccamaster drip. It is a bit messy though (static causes the husks to stick in the chute and cup) - however the tip for adding literally a drop or two of water to the grind has vastly reduced this each time since. Good form factor on the kitchen counter, working great so far after a couple of weeks usage, twice a day. Horsham delivered on time no issues. Happy!

Fellow Ode Grinder

Great service from Horsham Coffee. Fellow Ode a bit disappointing, didn’t want to believe the reviews I’d seen but they are true. Poor grinding range- only the finer end is useful, unit hums on standby, constantly switching it off at the plug. It is quick, I'll give it that but also messy. Looks aren’t everything! I have to say I think my old £50 burr grinder did a better job! They really need to improve the versatility of this grinder.