Hario V60 Coffee Brew Guide

Hario V60 coffee brew guide

Hario v60 Coffee Brew Guide


The Hario v60 is fantastic way to brew a filter coffee. When brewed correctly with precision it provides a delicious delicate cup that will work for all coffees, but is much better suited to a lighter roast. If you're looking to highlight the best elements of a complex coffee, this is the ideal method. Although lower in body than coffee brewed in a Cafetiere the clean, crips flavours make this the best method to highlight acidity and juicy fruit notes found in our single origin coffees.

You will need a gooseneck pouring kettle to get the best out of this brew method. If you are using a regular kettle please remember to pour very slowly!


  • Hario v60 (01 or 02) 
  • Hario v60 coffee filter papers 
  • Mug or serving vessel 
  • Gooseneck kettle 
  • Coffee ground for drip filter. 
  • Hot filtered water just off the boil. 
  • Scales 
  • Timer
  • Spoon 



18g coffee > 300ml water > 2:10-3:00 total brew time. 

1. Place filter in cone, place cone on mug or server and pre-wet by pouring hot water over the filter. This removes the paper taste from the filter paper. Dump the hot water and put the cone back on your mug/vessel. 

2. Place scales under your mug/vessel. Put 18g of ground coffee into your cone and zero your scale. 

3. Start timer.

4. Pour 50g of water in a slow and gentle manner over the coffee and stir. Ensure all grounds are wet. This is easiest to do with a slow pour kettle like the Hario Pouring Kettle but can be done with a regular kettle by pouring very slowly.

5. At 0:30, slowly pour in concentric circles up to 170g. Using a spoon gently stir your coffee to create a spin. This circular spin helps to create even extraction.

6. At 1:00 slowly pour in concentric circles up to 300ml. Gently lift and drop your cone onto your vessel to achieve a flat bed (even extraction).  

7. Your coffee should finish draining through at around 3 min. 

If your brew was slow and tastes bitter, coarsen your grind. If your brew was fast and tastes weak and sour make the grind more fine.

If you want more body, up your V60 coffee dose and adjust grind to taste.