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Conti X-One TCI Espresso Machine

Conti X-One TCI 2 group Espresso Machine

Conti X-One TCI espresso machine

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Available in Black, White and Red - Discounts available when purchased with a grinder and coffee. Email for more details.


The Conti X-One TCI is perfect for low to mid volume businesses. It looks great in any setting and features shot times, barista lights and level steam wands for easy operation. The TCI version has added temparture control and better temp stability at the group head. The X-One is ideal for businesses serving up to to 200 coffees per day.

We supply the Conti X-One TCI with 24 months parts warranty, 12 months on site labour, water filter and installation.

The X-One features include:

  • Available in 2 and 3 groups
  • Integrated rotative pump
  • Copper boiler
  • Thermosyphon system with adjustable flow control
  • Electric heating only
  • Boiler temperature controlled by PID system
  • Volumetric dosing
  • 2 pressure gauges : boiler pressure and pump pressure
  • 1 x mixed hot water device with adjustable volume
  • 2 x steam wands activated by a lever offering a purge feature
  • Automatic fill up of the boiler
  • Heating element protected by klixon
  • Barista lights over the working space
  • Display for easy use of the machine
Options : 
  • Tall cup version (height = 160mm)
  • Solo kit (machine can work with a water container)
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2402 reviews
Taste unbelievable

Will definitely by this coffee again
Love the after taste of this coffee

Now getting the best out of this fine blend

Having had this coffee a few times before and really liked it using a modded cheap burr grinder, it really comes into its own now that a more professional grinder as more flovours have been unmasked, great work by Horsham coffee roasters

Beautiful Coffee

The coffee is delicious and there’s great variety. Since finding Horsham Roasters I haven’t used anywhere else.

One of the best yet

A brilliant filter coffee, juicy and packed full of flavour.

At last, I’ve found the best!

Having recently moved to the UK, I was struggling to find a decent bean for my Rocket Espresso at home. I find most beans are roasted too dark for my liking.

I was so excited though when I tasted the Workhorse bean at a local coffee shop, that I immediately ordered for my home use. At last, a quality espresso at home.

Thank you Horsham!