Coffee Roast Plan

Front of Loring S35 coffee roaster


At Horsham Coffee Roaster we roast coffee every single day of the week based on demand. Coffee tastes at it's best when rested for a minimum of 7 days. We send out coffee within 7 days of roasting. If you receive coffee that is less than 7 days from roast date we recommend you leave the coffee to rest for a minimum of 5 days. We find that our coffees tend to offer their best flavours from 7-30 days from roast. 

If using the coffee for espresso we suggest a longer rest period of 7-10 days. Many coffees actually taste at their best for espresso when rested for even longer than this and we encourage our customers to order well before they run out to give the coffee time to rest.

We recommend you store your coffee in a sealed bag in a cupboard. Do not store coffee in the fridge as it can have a negative impact on the flavour. The freezer is a good option for storing coffee if if you think you will not be using it within 1 month.