Costa Rica - La Karola Natural
Costa Rica - La Karola Natural Coffee cherry drying in Costa Rica Dried coffee cherry
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Tasting Notes: Fig, Red Grape, Cacao Nib

Brewing: This coffee works well with all filter brewers and espresso. For filter we recommend a 1 - 16 brew ratio, and for espresso a 1 - 2.5 brew ratio.

Filter: 15g - 250ml // Espresso: 18g - 45ml

This is one of our Relationship Coffees. Read more about this in our 2018-2019 Transparency Report.

We are super excited to be sourcing our Costa Rican coffees directly. We source our Costa Rican coffees directly through Selva Coffee, a small exporter representing a select group of coffee producers some of which we have personally visited.

This stunning natural comes from a small 1 hectare plot of land planted with red and yellow Catuai trees:

Costa Rican red and yellow catuai
Red and Yellow Catuai

The farm is currently owned and managed by Steve Mora but has been a family business since 1960. Over the last 10 years the family have focused on producing high scoring, hand harvested speciality coffee. We've selected a small microlot harvest from a 1 hectare section of the farm know as 'La Karola'. They believe that this section of the farm produces the best quality cherry with high sugar content due to the unique microclimate on this particular side of the La Cruz mountains. Although they are not organic certified no chemicals or pesticides are used on the farm.

This is the first time they have produced their own microlot on their farm. Previously they would delivery their cherry for processing at a local mill but the family would like to produce their own microlots and decided to start with naturals dried on new raised beds. The coffee was harvested by hand and floated in large water containers to remove and defects. Cherry was the laid out to dry on raised beds under a solar dryer, a type of open sided greenhouse. This protects the coffee from harsh direct sunlight and keeps it dry just in case of rain. The drying process took 25 days and during daytime hours the coffee was turned every 45 minutes and any noticeable defects were removed by hand. Once dried the coffee was packed into large platics bags and stored for 1 month before the fruit was removed.

We are incredibly impressed with the quality of their first natural process microlot. It's super clean with lovely juicy notes that include fig, red grape and cacao nib.

Varietal –  Catuai (Red and Yellow)
Preparation – Natural
Location – San Marcos, Tarrazu
Altitude – 1700 masl

We recommending buying whole bean coffee and grinding before brewing. We also sell 250g bags pre-ground. 1kg bags are available as wholebean only.

Customer Reviews

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Haven’t received it!

La Karola!!!

Fabulous single estate coffee. It's a very smooth subtle drink, but still full bodied. I will definitely be back for more!


I've been buying regularly from HCR for almost 4 years. Here are the top 3 reasons I believe it is worth sharing:

1. excellent coffees at the best prices for 1 kg single origin bag (approx. 30 euro); it's really hard (if not impossible) to find a competitor for the same quality/price ratio.

2. very good shipping services at relatively low, flat charge for the EU customers for +40 pounds order.

3. great customer care, answering questions or solving inherent issues that might appear.

happy shopping and brewing !


Very good on espresso.