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Organic Decaf Coffee

Size: 250g
Grind: Whole Bean

Organic Decaf Coffee

This product is subject to change but origin information will always be updated below.

Varietal –  Various
Preparation – Washed then processed by Swiss Water
Location – Peru
Altitude – 900-1100 masl
Importer - DR Wakefield

Finding great tasting organic decaf coffee can be challenging. Quite often these are produced using poor quality coffee that isn't traceable to farm or co-operative. We've managed to find a great tasting Swiss Water Decaf process organic coffee from a group of producers in Peru. Click the following link to learn more about Peruvian coffee.

Producer Overview:

This coffee is grown and harvested by farmers who have an average farm size of about 20 hectares. Rather than processing their own coffee they deliver cherry to a local wet mill. The mill will sort and process this as washed coffee by pulping the cherry to first remove the fruit. After the outer layer of the fruit is removed the coffee is fermented then washed and dried.

All producers are organic certified.

Coffee is then sent for decaffeination by Swiss Water, a chemical-free decaffeination process that retains as much flavour as possible. 

Tasting Notes: 

Rich chocolate, nuts and gentle balanced fruit notes.


This coffee works well for all brew methods. 

Filter: Dose 15g, water 250g. 

Espresso: Dose 17 gram to 40 gram yield over about 30 seconds. 

This coffee is available as wholebean and pre ground but we recommend always grinding fresh before brewing. We sell a range of grinders if you would like to grind this coffee fresh at home. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Fanelli, Simona
Great Decaf

really nice, very pleased with the taste and service

Peru Decaffeinated coffee

Excellent smooth best decaffeinated coffee we have had

Mary J
My daily morning drink, fast and reliably delivered

This tastes good and is my regular morning drink, a good replacement for caffeine. Only reservation is that on the packet itself one has to look hard to find the single reference to 'organic', when being so is usually a matter to shout about in large, headlining letters - a major selling point. In a block of small print beneath the headline name there's, almost hidden, "all farms are organic certified", which sounds equivocal - is THIS coffee organic? I wouldn't expect to have to research what a farm being certified means, in terms of whether it can also produce non-organic coffees. I expect 'yes', it is organic, but assuming so, I'm still unsure why 'organic' is not in the headline name on the packet.

Marta Kompinska
Great beans

Lovely, aromatic beans with full of flavour.

Chris Stankus
Amazing flavour

This is by far one of the best decaf coffees out there, if not the best out of the dozens of decaf beans that I’ve tried down the years, which is high praise indeed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone and I challenge anyone to tell me the difference between this and a caffeinated coffee.