Nicaragua - Rancho Alegre

 Tasting notes: White grape, raisin, chocolate


Nicaragua Rancho Alegre is back for the second year running and it's tasting just as good, if not better than last years crop.

The farm is owned by Victor Robelo and covers an area of about 21 hectares planted with Caturra trees. Victor owns several farms and specialises in produced very high quality washed coffees along with experimental natural and honey processed lots. Coffee is hand harvested from January to April and processed on site using the traditional washed method. Ripe cherry is delivered and the fruit is removed on the same day using a pulping machine. After the fruit is removed the coffee is fermented followed by washing and grading. The most dense coffee will sink and is separated from the lighter, inferior beans. After washing the coffee is dried on concrete patios.

This coffee shows amazing balance of flavour making it ideal for use as both espresso and filter. The chocolate body works very well in milk based drinks and as a filter coffee the white grape and raisin flavours really shine. 

Varietal – Caturra
Preparation – Washed
Location – Matagalpa
Altitude – 1280-1400  masl

  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean coffee. A selection of grinders are available to purchase online.
  • Next working day dispatch (Monday to Friday) on all coffee orders.