Los Nogales - Processing Selection

Los Nogales - Processing Selection


The Los Nogales estate in the Apanaca Llamatepec region of El Salvador is a very special farm. Launched by the farm’s owners, the Salaverria family, Project Nogales is a unique opportunity through which buyers are invited to chose their coffee by plot of land, process and variety.

We have chosen one lot processed in two different ways from the El Roble plot, which is planted with the Red Bourbon varietal.

One lot has been processed using the Natural method. As soon as the cherries are picked they are spread in a thin layer on concrete patios or raised African beds. They are turned once or twice a day for the first two days and  then up to 12 times a day for the following two. This regular turning helps to aid consistent, even drying and aims to prevent any occurrences of rotting, mould or over fermentation.

The second lot is processed similarly to a lot of Kenyan coffees. After pulping and fermentation, the mucilage is removed using water. The parchment is then soaked in a tank with fresh water for 10-24 hours. This soak allows proteins and amino acids to develop which is thought to result in higher levels of acidity and complexity in the cup profile. This particular lot has been soaked twice.

Varietal – Bourbon
Preparation – Washed (Double Soaked) / Natural
Location – Apanaca, Llmatepec
Altitude – 1,450 - 1,650 masl

  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean coffee. A selection of grinders are available to purchase online.
  • Next working day dispatch on all coffee orders.