Hario V60 gift pack - Horsham Coffee Roaster

Hario V60 gift pack


The perfect gift for any coffee lover!

The Hario V60 is a great, flexible method for brewing coffee. It's great for users who might want to brew anything from 250ml to 500ml of coffee in one go. The only way to properly make coffee using a V60 is with a good pouring kettle and a good burr grinder. Our gift pack is a no compromise approach and includes everything needed to make a great cup of coffee. This gift pack represents a saving of approximately 10%.

The pack includes:

1 x Ceramic V60 02 filter

1 x V60 02 filter papers

1 x Hario slim hand grinder

1 x On Balance Envy scales

1 x HCR tote bag

1 x 250g bag of coffee (in the order notes please specify a preference based on current coffee listed on the website)