Hario Mini Mill hand coffee grinder   Horsham Coffee Roaster

Hario Mini Mill hand coffee grinder


Hario Mini Mill coffee grinder

Hario MSS-1B

The Hario mini mill coffee grinder is the ideal first grinder and will make a significant difference to the quality of the coffee you make at home or in your office. Budget electronic grinders are often blade type spice grinders which give a very uneven particle size. This means that some of the ground coffee particles will be small and some will be large resulting in very uneven extraction. 

The Hario hand grinders use a conical burr system meaning the particle size is very even and can easily be adjusted to suit your personal brew method. (ie course for Cafetiere, medium for pourover etc.)

These represent excellent value for money and are a great first grinder or gift for anyone wanting to improve their coffee.