Honduras - El Caracol
Honduras - El Caracol Honduras - El Caracol


Tasting notes: Cherry, dark chocolate, red grape

We've been buying this outstanding coffee from Fausto Melgar in Honduras for three years as part of the One to One project run by DR Wakefield. This small farm is just 1.1 hectares in size and produces about 30 x 69kg bags of coffee every year. We have selected a small 10 bag microlot from this years harvest. 

Fausto grows Caturra trees on his farm and is organic certified. The coffee is harvested between December and April by hand and processed on site using the washed method following by drying under the protection of a solar drier. Once the coffee has been hand sorted and dried to a 12% moisture content it is taken to the local dry mill to be rested and prepared for export.


Varietal – Caturra
Preparation – Washed
Location – Capucas San Pedro Copan
Altitude – 1400m

  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean coffee. A selection of grinders are available to purchase online.
  • Next working day dispatch on all coffee orders.