Costa Rica - Volcan Azul - Horsham Coffee Roaster
Costa Rica - Volcan Azul - Horsham Coffee Roaster Costa Rica - Volcan Azul - Horsham Coffee Roaster Costa Rica - Volcan Azul - Horsham Coffee Roaster
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Tasting notes:
Lemon Sherbet, Green Apple, Caramel

Brewing: This coffee works well with all filter brewers and espresso. For filter we recommend a 1 - 15.5 brew ratio, and for espresso a 1 - 2.25 brew ratio. Example:
Filter: 16g - 250ml // Espresso: 18g - 40.5ml 


This is a truly stunning coffee exhibiting many of the flavour characteristics common with African coffee - vibrant lemon, orange and apple that sits over a caramel sweetness. This 87 cup scoring coffee was selected by Steve our Head Roaster during his trip to Costa Rica with Nordic Approach in February 2018.

This lot is one of Volcan Azul’s ‘Gran Reserva’ Estate Coffees. These are limited selections of exclusive  micro-batches with unique, exotic qualities . This preparation is limited to plantations located higher than 1500 masl and are carefully hand-picked from the middle of the harvest when the cherries have reached optimum ripeness. This fully washed coffee was patio dried eight days.

Volcan Azul micro-mill is situated in Costa Rica’s West Valley, not far from the Caribbean coastline on the slopes of the Poas Volcano . It is a 300 hectare farm with a coffee growing area of 75 hectares. The plantations are situated in unique micro-climates due to the large extensions of rainforests that the farm is dedicated to preserving. The farm have acquired 1500 hectares of rainforest for ecological preservation in their coffee growing regions as well as the Osa Peninsula, a region in the south of Costa Rica known for holding 2.5% of the Earth’s biodiversity. At Volcan Azul they harvest until the middle of March, have six full-time employees and employ an addition one thousand during harvest. The production is completely pesticide free and uses only fungicides.

Alejo Castro comes from a long line and rich heritage of coffee producers than began in the 1850s with two pioneer entrepreneurs, Don Alejo C. Jimenez in Costa Rica and Don Wilhelm Kahle in south Mexico. Alejo produces Caturra, Bourbon, three kinds of Geisha, SL-28, Watta, Villasarchi, Sarchimor and Venezia. He is also experimenting with an 80% naturally caffeine free Larina. He favours four main processes: red honey or “full honey”, yellow honey, natural and full washed.

Varietal – Caturra, Villa Sarchi
Preparation – Washed
Location – West Valley
Altitude – 1550-1700 masl

  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean coffee. A selection of grinders are available to purchase online.
  • Next working day dispatch on all coffee orders.

Customer Reviews

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I still didnt recieve it

I need to know when I will recieve it. How can I ?


Very nice tasting coffee

Forenote to any comments: I am a complete novice to buying high quality coffee having only ever used supermarket brands and in the last few years a well known pod system. I recently became more aware of the environmental issues surrounding pod systems (third party pods made out of plastic) and the cost of using proprietary systems. I thought, there has to be a better alternative!

After doing my research I ended up buying an Aeropress and got some advice from multiple coffee roasters on which grinder to buy. The general advice for an entry level grinder was the Wilfa Svart which was on offer for £99 at the time of purchase. I got a free bag of coffee beans with the order as an added bonus. The coffee that came with the grinder was Costa Rica - Volcan Azul.

Initially i used 16g of coffee in my Aeropress and filled it to the brim using the inverted method at 85c. The resulting coffee was a little light for my taste but I could really taste the fruitiness and was surprised by the varying levels of flavour. I then tried again using 22g of coffee and got a much stronger coffee, which was far more to my taste and I could really get the caramel flavour this time around. Altogether a far better experience than my previous pod system. I would highly recommend this coffee and the grinder (as well as the Aeropress).

I am now a convert to this way of brewing coffee and will be buying from Horsham again.