Costa Rica - Daniela Gutierrez El Laurel
Costa Rica - Daniela Gutierrez El Laurel Costa Rica - Daniela Gutierrez El Laurel Costa Rica - Daniela Gutierrez El Laurel Costa Rica - Daniela Gutierrez El Laurel
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Tasting notes:
Muscavado Sugar, Red Apple, Cherry, Caramel, Raisin

Brewing: This coffee works well with all filter brewers and espresso. For filter we recommend a 1 - 15.5 brew ratio, and for espresso a 1 - 2.25 brew ratio. Example:
Filter: 16g - 250ml // Espresso: 18g - 40.5ml 


The Gutierrez family have been producing speciality grade coffees for over eight years. La Montana is the biggest of four farms situated in the region of Tarrazu in the south-west of Costa Rica. Daniela is the twenty four year-old daughter of Jorge Gutierrez, who after studying engineering returned to the family farm to oversee production.

Prior to 2008 the family delivered their cherries to a co-operative to be produced, but in 2009 they were able to set up their own wet and dry mills. At the dry mill beans are hulled and classified by size, density and colour. Being able to oversee the entire production ensures that Daniela can maintain very high levels of quality control.

El Laurel is a micro-lot that was harvested on the 10th January and transported to the micro-mill to be depulped the same day. 100% of the mucilage is removed mechanically after which the coffee is moved on to large drying patios for a period of ten days. Here the beans are moved every hour throughout the day to ensure even and effective drying. This high cup scoring lot was selected by our Head Roaster, Steve, following his trip to Costa Rica with Nordic Approach in February. This is an excellent example of a fully washed Costa Rican Coffee, exhibiting great levels of complexity and vibrancy.


Varietal – Catuai and Caturra
Preparation – Washed
Location – Tarrazu
Altitude – 1700 masl

  • To preserve quality, we are only able to ship whole bean coffee. A selection of grinders are available to purchase online.
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