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Costa Rica - Aguilera brothers Natural

Size: 250g
Grind: Whole Bean

Costa Rica - Aguilera brothers Natural

Varietal –  Villa Sarchi
Preparation –  Natural
Location – Naranjo, West Valley
Altitude – 1650 masl
Importer - Horsham Coffee Roaster

This is a fantastic natural-processed coffee from the Aguilera Brothers in the West Valley, Costa Rica. They are very well known worldwide as producers of fantastic speciality coffee, and we first bought their coffee back in 2014!

Costa Rica Aguilera brothers natural

We are super excited to be sourcing our Costa Rican coffees directly. We source our Costa Rican coffees in partnership with Selva Coffee, a small exporter representing a select group of coffee producers that we visited in February 2020.

These producers are located in the West Valley, Central Valley, and Tarrazu regions of Costa Rica. You can read more about our direct trade coffees in our Transparency Report. The video below was filmed in February 2020.

Farm Overview

The Aguilera brothers are a group of 12 siblings who have been focusing on producing speciality micro-lots for over 15 years and are well known around the world. As a group they own several farms around the West Valley area of Costa Rica and their micro mill is located just a few minutes' drive from La Isla micro mill, another fantastic coffee producer!

Aguilera Brothers coffee farm

The farms are planted with various varietals, including Villa Sarchi, Catuai, SL28 and Geisha. Their focus is on producing mainly honey and natural micro-lots with varietal separation. We were fortunate to have been able to visit them in 2020, and you can see some of the incredible ripe cherry arriving to be dried on their own football field in the image at the top of the page.

Harvesting and Processing:

This coffee has been harvested from the Villa Sarchi varietal. This varietal is mainly grown in Costa Rica and is a natural mutation of the Bourbon varietal producing coffees with fantastic tasting notes.. You can read more about Villa Sarchi on the World Coffee Research website. 

The coffee was hand-harvested with very careful ripe cherry selection. You can see the quality of cherry ripeness in the image below:

Natural processed coffee cherry

After delivery, the coffee was laid out to dry on sheets and regularly turned to ensure the coffee dried evenly. The process is very well controlled to ensure that the coffee dries for an appropriate length of time to develop juicy, fruity flavours.

Tasting Notes:

This is lovely clean, juicy, fruity natural processed coffee. It showcases wonderful sweetness with a wide range of flavours that include blueberry, raspberry, tropical notes and a caramel-like sweetness.


This coffee works well for all brew methods. 

Filter: Dose 15g, water 250g. 

Espresso: Dose 17 gram to 40 gram yield over about 30 seconds. 

This coffee is available as whole bean and pre-ground, but we recommend always grinding fresh before brewing. We sell a range of grinders if you would like to grind this coffee fresh at home. 

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