Community Lot - Peaberry

Community Lot - Peaberry

Filter: Grapefruit, rhubarb, blackcurrant
Espresso: Treacle, intense blackcurrant

Most coffee cherries contain two seeds (or beans) that face each other inside the cherry. But due to a genetic mutation that affects an estimated 5% of the world’s coffee, occasionally only a single seed will develop, and these are known as Peaberrys. Unlike normal coffee beans which are flat on one side, Peaberrys have a rounded shape. This distinctive characteristic, along with the bean’s density, benefits the roasting process, and many think Peaberrys are greater in levels of sweetness, flavour and intensity.

Whereas most Kenyan coffee comes from large estate farms or co-operatives, this unique lot is produced by a small group of 29 selected farmers, all with their own small to medium sized farm. Typically these farmers will produce small lots anywhere between 50 and 1,500kg of coffee. Once delivered to the mill, the coffee parchment (the protective outer-layer of the cherry) is removed through de-hulling before the remaining beans are separated by quality. The best quality lots are sorted by screen size using sieves, AA being the largest, AB the medium and PB lots being the Peaberrys. The separate lots are then assessed and blended together with lots of the same quality from similarly sized farms, in order to make a lot large enough to sell in the specialty market. This small group of  farms produced a total of over 10,000kg of coffee. About 30% of this is lost during the milling process, producing a total of over 7,000kg of coffee for export.

This year we have bought both the AA and PB lot in their entirety and are proud to be able to exclusively offer these unique, delicious coffees.

Varietal – SL28, SL34 and small amounts of Ruiru and Batian
Preparation – Washed
Location – Nyeri District
Altitude – small hold farms ranging from 1600-1900m

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