Colombia Tres Cruces - Washed 36hr ferment
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Tasting Notes: Honey, Sweet Lemon, Tropical Fruits
Brewing: These Colombian coffee beans work well with all filter brewers and espresso. For filter we recommend a 1 - 16 brew ratio, and for espresso a 1 - 2.2 brew ratio.
Filter: 15g - 250g // Espresso: 18g - 40g

There is no doubt that Colombia produces some of our personal favourite washed coffees. Colombian coffee is traditionally know for showcasing a well balanced profile that includes chocolate and gentle fruit notes. Over the last 10 years Colombian coffee has become much more diverse due to the focus on single farm microlots and high level processing.

We source most of our Colombian coffees from The Green Collection. They specialise in small farm microlots sourced from family farms. We've featured a wide range of coffees from them over the last year and we are very excited to be able to offer another stunning high scoring microlot.

This one comes from a farm called Tres Cruces located near San Pedro in the Tolima area. They grown Caturra and Castillio varietal on a 3.5 hectare farm at about 1800masl. For this particular lot the coffee was hand harvested, rested for 12 hrs in sacks before pulping to remove the outer layer of fruit. After pulping the coffee was fermented dry for 36 hrs. Long dry fermentation methods can enhance the fruit character of the cut and increase complexity. After fermentation the coffee was washed a second time and dried on raised beds. The long dry fermentation has worked very well and you can expect complex tropical and sweet lemon fruit notes and a lovely honey like sweetness.

 Varietal –  Caturra and Castillo
Preparation – Washed (36 hrs dry ferment)
Location – San Pedro, Tolima
Altitude – +-1800 masl
  • We recommending buying whole bean coffee and grinding before brewing. We also sell 250g bags pre-ground. 1kg bags are available as wholebean only.

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