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Colombia - Rafael Amaya Washed Carbonic Maceration

Size: 250g
Grind: Whole Bean

Colombia - Rafael Amaya
Carbonic Maceration

Varietal – Yellow Bourbon
Preparation – Two-stage carbonic maceration - washed process
Location – Timana, Huila
Altitude – 1700-2000 masl

Farmers in Colombia produce some of the most incredible coffees in the world. The diversity of flavours is largely due to the wide range of varietals, variable terrain and a keen desire to experiment with post-harvest processing.

Over the last few years, we've had a fantastic range of experimental processed micro-lots from small farms and interesting varietals.

Our latest coffee comes from Rafael Amaya, owner of Finca La Montana located in the Timana area of Huila, He focuses on growing and harvesting single varietal microlots and has been experimenting with unusual processing methods for the last 3 years.

Rafael Amaya

Rafael Amaya coffee

Harvesting and Processing:

Coffee was carefully harvested when fully ripe from Yellow Bourbon varietal trees. After harvest, the coffee was fermented dry for 50 hours in sealed bags filled with Co2. The bags were stored at a stable 23-degree temperature. The coffee was then pulped to remove the outer fruit and stored again for 50 hours in sealed bags.  After this second sealed fermentation, the coffee was laid out to dry on raised tables. 

The full process is detailed below:

  1. Very careful ripe cherry selection
  2. Fermentation for 50 hours in sealed Co2 filled bags
  3. Stored at stable 23-degree temperature
  4. Pulped to remove outer fruit
  5. Fermentation for 50 hours in sealed Co2 filled bags then washed
  6. Dried on raised tables
hand sorting coffee

Hand sorting coffee cherry

This kind of complex post-harvest processing helps to create incredible flavours but allowed the fruit to ferment enhancing the natural flavours of the yellow bourbon varietal. These hybrid processing methods are often difficult to properly categorize but the final stage drying stage is technically the same as a simple washed coffee as the mucilage and fruit was pulped and washed away before drying. 

Tasting Notes: 

This is a stunning high cup score (87+ SCA cup score) microlot with wonderfully complex flavours. . Tasting notes include papaya, orange, tropical fruits and milk chocolate.


This coffee works for all brew methods however the light roast and very complex tasting notes make this coffee most suited to filter brewing without milk.

Filter: Dose 15g, water 250g. 

Espresso: Dose 17 gram to 40 gram yield over about 30 seconds. 

This coffee is available as whole bean and pre-ground, but we recommend always grinding fresh before brewing. We sell a range of grinders if you would like to grind this coffee fresh at home. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Oana Niculescu
    Amazing coffee

    Truly delicious coffee. I’ve been making this with my Aeropress for the past couple of weeks and I’ve really been enjoying the results. The chocolate-y finish is more noticeable with milk in my experience, but the tropical fruit notes aren’t shy. Overall, great!

    The best coffee yet

    I am not someone who can taste the finer flavours of a coffee so I go on the overall taste.
    I brew using the pour over method and drink with a little skimmed milk.This coffee has a good overall flavour and has little bitterness and is very easy to drink as my first coffee of the morning.

    roger nicholson
    first impression

    Very nice.

    Tom Landowski
    Perfect with aeropress

    One of my the best coffee’s I’ve tasted! Very prominent tropical fruits flavour, with a lot of sweetness and a nice overall balance. I found the best results using the aeropress over the v60.