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Birembo - Lot 5


 Filter: Brown sugar, candied orange and clove
Espresso: Orange, blueberry and clove

Situated in the Nyamasheke Province of Western Rwanda, Birembo Washing Station is nestled in the hills on the shore of Lake Kivu. Coffee is sourced from the surrounding sectors of Macuba, Karambi and Kanjongo, covering in total around 1,500 hectares, growing 3.7m coffee trees. The Birembo station is privately owned by Dormans, who are well established as one of the leading exporters of speciality coffee in both Rwanda and Kenya.

Throughout the season, manager Jean Luis keeps a strict focus on detail as a means of ensuring quality. Cherry is bought from around 1,450 farmers at more than 30 collection sites. After arriving at the washing station, unripe cherry is separated by flotation then the ripe cherry is pulped. Parchment is then placed in the fermentation tanks for 12-18 hours before the remaining mucilage is washed off. Parchment is then soaked before coffee is dried on beds with a mesh bottom, allowing for air circulation. With an average annual rainfall of 1,200mm, the drying typically takes between 10 and 14 days here.

Hand-sorting parchment at the washing station

Hand sorting parchment at the washing station

At the peak of the harvest, the washing station receives somewhere between 4 and 7 thousand kilos of cherry a day and typically only 10-20% of this will end up being grade A1 coffee. To make up one lot, consisting of around 50 bags, 4,500kg of parchment is required. As it is extremely unlikely that one day’s harvest will yield this much A1 grade coffee, each day’s lots are cupped and scored and then blended together according to their score and size.

Varietal – Red Bourbon
Preparation – Washed
Location – Nyamasheke Province
Altitude – 1,500  - 1,600  masl

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